Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering of Shimane University was established in October 1995, arising from reorganization of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture. The ultimate objective of the Faculty is to fuse and integrate the discipline of science and analysis of natural phenomena to develop fundamental ideas in the form of scientific truths, and the discipline of engineering responsible for developing technologies that enable the design and production of objects and systems for specific purposes. The Faculty features an interdisciplinary education and research system that covers many topics ranging from fundamental science to engineering, providing solutions to the problems of society today. These features combine to form an educational and research system unique in Japan.

The Faculty consists of five departments: Material Science, Geoscience, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Architecture and Production Design Engineering. Approximately 400 undergraduate students enter each school year.

The Faculty aims at providing students with the "fundamental sense and application capability" required to cope with the advanced and ever-changing developments in science and technology of the 21st century. After graduation, approximately 40% of our students enter graduate courses. Graduates also find employment in various companies and government offices.